AVD Expert Accounting


Within the London office the firm offer a full range of accounting services to both individuals and businesses including: accountancy, personal and corporate tax services, private client and trust advice, corporate finance, business consultancy, financial planning, insolvency, corporate restructuring and business rescue.

The secret to our success in London is a passionate commitment to delivering only the best for our clients. We strive to give our clients timely advice in whatever financial situation they are in and we endeavour to exceed their expectations from our initial contact and then every other subsequent contact.

We offer our services in 3 different languages English, Romanian and Russian so no matter where you come from you can assist you in your language.

Let tus help you with the management of your financial affairs. Drop us a line, send an email, or drop by our London office in Fondant Court.

Our Team
Alexandra | Accountant

info@avdaccounting.co.uk | Phone: 07412834809

Alisa | Accountant

info@avdaccounting.co.uk | Phone: 07492840604

Victoria | Accountant

info@avdaccounting.co.uk | Phone: 07519619399

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